Monday, September 3, 2012

Amelia's Floating Plane !

Amelia ! The search continues ! It is always something to think about. The thing that is fact with Amelia and Fred's disappearance is the fact that Her plane was buoyant to the tune of 1500 pounds. Which meant her plane would have stayed afloat. And would have floated anywhere. With 1500 pounds of buoyancy the plane would have probably been half submerged or more with only the tail and part of the roof showing, but with a silver finish would have been impossible to see from overhead search planes. In them days in 1930's through the 40's. Safety colored vest and brightley colored rafts did not exist. Sad to think about but one can imagine several planes flying right over Them but never being seen. The only chance they had of being found would have been a flare fired at night. But if out of distance to-shay. Truth is Her Plane could have drifted for thousands of miles before sinking and sank in a spot that may never be found. Not to mention the fact that most of the Pacific is over 17,000 feet deep which is over three miles deep. One mile deeper than the Titanic. Maybe someday a sonar somewhere out there will kick back The Lost Electra and the Amelia Mystery can be solved.

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