Php Patterns To Live By !

At times we get lost while scripting and confused as to where we want to go next. This strategy that i have used may become helpful.
   Before getting bogged down with Classes and Functions I have found it necessary to have a road map of sorts to go by as i code. Another word for Mapping as we call it. Below is a method that i use before setting down the framework.
  • The Page Parts  (Header, Footer, Contents, Menus, Advertising, Links)
  • The Action Pages  (The work behind the forms data entry action pages)
  • The Form Pages  (Page parts containing the form views)
  • The Config Page  (A compiled defined variables to allow changes on one page,Links,Pagenames etc.)
  • The Session Page  (one page that is included on each members page if needed)
And further broken down--> Static Pages
  • Home
  • Join
  • Login
  • Contact
  • Policy
  • About
  • Faq
Mmbers pages--> Page Parts
  • Profile
  • Wall
  • Settings
  • Account

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