Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Php Framework EssenceOne

Worlds Fastest and Simplest Php Framework !

Want In On A Secret ?

How about trying a dynamic take on probably the easiest Php Framework there is. And how about the most Dynamic ?  EssenceOne not only breaks down every File, Folder, Template, Model, View and Controller Alphanumerically but also stages and stacks them into easily managed class routers for Team Production and or Newbie  Builds. Now do away with the bulky nonsense that Zend and Cake and Codeigniter all wish to incorporate into every Technical School and Training Course on the Market simply to make money. 

Now how about adding Twitter-Boostrap Templating and Mobile to all of that ? That's Right ! Complete with Pop-ups, Carousels, Tool-tips, Modals, Pagination, Scrollers, Tabs, Forms, Buttons, Labels, Thumbnails, Drop-downs, Drop-ups, Layouts and all the Java you may ever need. 

Now what else can it do ? How about Session Members already installed ? And --->>>

It Is Free

Dowload Here !

To Learn More About EssenceOne And How It Works Visit Their Blog !

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