Friday, January 27, 2017

How To Run A Python Program On Windows Withoiut A .EXE File Or Compiler.

How To Run Python Apps On Windows Automatically Without Any .exe File.
Misconceptions about Python.
  1. You don't need any py2exe or compiler to run any Python program on Windows.
  2. Python versions 2.7 and higher all contain OS.
  3. Create a .py file that will use OS that runs your Python program automatically. 
  4. Name it: and add the following three lines.
  5. import os
  6. userw='path_to/'
  7. os.system("start "+userw)
  8. Create a desktop shortcut for this .py file.
  9. When you double click it on your widows desktop it will run your python app..
  10. Only inconvenience is that you need two files to run each program. But not a big deal right?
How To Hide A Password In A Python Program So It Cannot Be Accessed. 
  1. Create a temporary Python File named and 
  2. Store it on a private disc or USB storage device.
  3. Have it create if does not exist an sql-3 database named private_keys.
  4. Have it create a table holding your passwords and several keys matching functions in your app.
  5. Have it to allow you to enter or change passwords and keys.
  6. Lastly have every database connection or transaction using a SELECT statement require a managers passkey.
  7. Delete this python file after loading it into the users computer or any running the app.
  8. Now your python app is secure and no one can read the database.db file to get your password.
  9. And the python app cannot run or execute without the correct password.
  10. Have another database hold several keys also for multiple functions in your apps.
  11. Now you can Obfuscate your python program and unless the hacker knows the actual database table names cannot access or correctly run your Python App.  
  12. They can read your program but cannot read or access any of your apps stored keys passwords and or stored data created by the app without major knowledge of python programming.
Who cares if they can read your program. Without those keys and passwords no data can be seen and most employees running business IT apps you create using Python cant understand this. Now if you are developing critical Banking software then you will need the following:
  1. In your Windows7-10 computers or workstations place your working python edition and python files and programs into the Super User the Main Admin.
  2. Next Create a Link file named that uses "import os" to run your app.
  3. This will allow you to run anything without needing a WINDOWS.EXE file
  4. Now add it to the desktop.
  5. Give this file Public Permission Status by right clicking and setting the windows users to execute only but both read and write to deny. 
  6. Now log out your windows admnin then log it back to the windows user.
  7. Now both your Python file and python version cannot be viewed but the app is allowed to run by windows permissions.
There are major security advantages to Windows and this is one of them.

Friday, July 17, 2015


function saltIt($pass)
$salt1='abcdefghijkl'; //OUR FIRST 12 CHAR SALT
$salt2='opqrstuvwxyz'; //OUR 2ND 12 CHAR SALT
$md5 = (md5($pass));
$hash1 = $salt1.$md5.$salt2;// SALT1-MD5-SALT2 COMBINED
$hash2 = strrev($hash1);    //WE FLIP-REVERSE THE HASH
echo $hash2;//CHANGE TO RETURN
}//end func


function unsalt($pass2)
$a1 = substr($pass2, -44);    // WE STRIP THE FIRST 12 CHAR SALT
$b1 = strrev($a1);           //WE UN-FLIP THE HASH
$md_5 = substr($b1, -32);    // WE FETCH OUR ORIGINAL MD5 AND STRIP THE 2ND SALT
echo $md_5;//CHANGE TO RETURN
}//end func

$pass_data ='zyxwvutsrqpo82fad4f7115b8bee54e7c9245fa594dalkjihgfedcba';

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Class Construct Method

Using The Class Construct Method In Php

//The difference between normal class methods and construct class methods//

class exampleOne
function sayHello()
echo 'Hello !';
}//end function
}//end class
//now to execute our class
$ourexample = new exampleOne;

class exampleTwo
public function __construct()
}//end function construct

public function sayHowdy()
echo 'Howdy !';
}//end function
}//end class
// now we can call and execute the class using only one line below//
$example = new exampleTwo;

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Php Convert String Specific Words To Links In Paragraphs.

Php Convert String Specific Words Within Paragraphs Into Links. This little jewel allows you to do some sneaky self made tags within your blog or forum. Can be used before input or even better on coming out of the database query. The thing to remeber is that arrays are mirrored within preg_replace and require the $replacements variables to be in numeric reverse order. If you add another to the list it will be $items[3] and the new $replacements var will become [0] which moves the replacements up one numeric order. This would place shoes replacement at [3] shirts at [2] and jeans at[1] then new item var at [0].

$string = 'She has shirts in blue her jeans in black and her shoes are all faded.';
$items = array();
$items[0] = '/shoes/'; //List of items you want changed//
$items[1] = '/shirts/';
$items[2] = '/jeans/';
$replacements = array();
$replacements[2] = 'a href="">Shoes /a>';
$replacements[1] = 'a href="index.php?items=shirts">Shirts /a>';
$replacements[0] = 'a href="index.php?items=jeans">Jeans /a>';
$output = preg_replace($items, $replacements, $string);

Outputs: The paragraph and links on the selected items.