Friday, July 17, 2015


function saltIt($pass)
$salt1='abcdefghijkl'; //OUR FIRST 12 CHAR SALT
$salt2='opqrstuvwxyz'; //OUR 2ND 12 CHAR SALT
$md5 = (md5($pass));
$hash1 = $salt1.$md5.$salt2;// SALT1-MD5-SALT2 COMBINED
$hash2 = strrev($hash1);    //WE FLIP-REVERSE THE HASH
echo $hash2;//CHANGE TO RETURN
}//end func


function unsalt($pass2)
$a1 = substr($pass2, -44);    // WE STRIP THE FIRST 12 CHAR SALT
$b1 = strrev($a1);           //WE UN-FLIP THE HASH
$md_5 = substr($b1, -32);    // WE FETCH OUR ORIGINAL MD5 AND STRIP THE 2ND SALT
echo $md_5;//CHANGE TO RETURN
}//end func

$pass_data ='zyxwvutsrqpo82fad4f7115b8bee54e7c9245fa594dalkjihgfedcba';

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Php Framework EssenceOne

Worlds Fastest and Simplest Php Framework !

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How about trying a dynamic take on probably the easiest Php Framework there is. And how about the most Dynamic ?  EssenceOne not only breaks down every File, Folder, Template, Model, View and Controller Alphanumerically but also stages and stacks them into easily managed class routers for Team Production and or Newbie  Builds. Now do away with the bulky nonsense that Zend and Cake and Codeigniter all wish to incorporate into every Technical School and Training Course on the Market simply to make money. 

Now how about adding Twitter-Boostrap Templating and Mobile to all of that ? That's Right ! Complete with Pop-ups, Carousels, Tool-tips, Modals, Pagination, Scrollers, Tabs, Forms, Buttons, Labels, Thumbnails, Drop-downs, Drop-ups, Layouts and all the Java you may ever need. 

Now what else can it do ? How about Session Members already installed ? And --->>>

It Is Free

Dowload Here !

To Learn More About EssenceOne And How It Works Visit Their Blog !

EssenceOne Blogger !

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Class Construct Method

Using The Class Construct Method In Php

//The difference between normal class methods and construct class methods//

class exampleOne
function sayHello()
echo 'Hello !';
}//end function
}//end class
//now to execute our class
$ourexample = new exampleOne;

class exampleTwo
public function __construct()
}//end function construct

public function sayHowdy()
echo 'Howdy !';
}//end function
}//end class
// now we can call and execute the class using only one line below//
$example = new exampleTwo;

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Php Convert String Specific Words To Links In Paragraphs.

Php Convert String Specific Words Within Paragraphs Into Links. This little jewel allows you to do some sneaky self made tags within your blog or forum. Can be used before input or even better on coming out of the database query. The thing to remeber is that arrays are mirrored within preg_replace and require the $replacements variables to be in numeric reverse order. If you add another to the list it will be $items[3] and the new $replacements var will become [0] which moves the replacements up one numeric order. This would place shoes replacement at [3] shirts at [2] and jeans at[1] then new item var at [0].

$string = 'She has shirts in blue her jeans in black and her shoes are all faded.';
$items = array();
$items[0] = '/shoes/'; //List of items you want changed//
$items[1] = '/shirts/';
$items[2] = '/jeans/';
$replacements = array();
$replacements[2] = 'a href="">Shoes /a>';
$replacements[1] = 'a href="index.php?items=shirts">Shirts /a>';
$replacements[0] = 'a href="index.php?items=jeans">Jeans /a>';
$output = preg_replace($items, $replacements, $string);

Outputs: The paragraph and links on the selected items.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Using Php To Switch Css Styles Function

Use Php To Switch Css Styles Function()

My Template Engine----> This is a secret ! Not very many programers know of this. This can switch css style sheets using php by calling this function verses another one,,in which many think impossible.
?php start tag here

function cssTemp()
?> php end tag here
#header_grad {
 background-image: url(/images/networks/header_grad.png);
 background-position: 0 0;
 background-repeat: no-repeat;
 float: left;
 width: 100%;
 min-height: 130px;

#header h1 {
 margin: 45px 28px 0 28px;

#header h2 {
 margin: 0 28px 0 28px;
 padding: 2px 0 26px 0;

#content_wrapper h3.pagetitle {
 font-size: 22px;
 font-weight: normal;
 padding-top: 10px;
 margin-bottom: 23px;
 font-family: "Trebuchet MS";

#header .logo {
 margin: 45px 0 45px 28px;
?php start tag here

} //end function cssTemp()
?> php end tag here

Then simply call the function at the top of a page between the script tags.
Add as many as you want using php if conditions= ??? if condition=true { echo csstemp1() } else { echo cssTemp2() } click a button to change templates.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Php MVC Framework EssenceOne !

Php MVC Framework EssenceOne !


EssenceOne uses one Model index.php page to handle everything you can throw at it. Simply add new views and controllers functions and classes and include them within the indexer. Then simply route every link through the index.php file indexer. Thats it. Views take in their required functions and classes by simply including them within each view by echo. Comes with Bootstrap and sessions support for users. 

Can be Downloaded here----essenceone-php-framework/downloads/list

Requires Wamp/Xamp/Lamp/Vertrigo or Online Server using Php+ and Mysql.