All New Wall Posting System Written In Php Without Page Refresh And Without Java !
CeoWebPortal is a versatile Social Business CMS written in Php and uses Mysql and JavaScripts.
It Features the new Bootstrap Front End which provides Apple Mobile i-pad, i-pod, and touch !

  • Member Employee Profiles
  • Wall Posting Sytem
  • Member Roles as Ceo, Supervisors, Managers, Employees, Clients, and Vendors
  • Md-5 Validation
  • Forums Forum-Create
  • Groups Group-Create
  • Albums Uploads Facebook Type-Model-Enlarge, Tool-Tips, Carousels, Comments
  • Page-Create Link-Create Site-News Advertising Blogs and Classifieds  
  • Accounting Sales Report Daily Entry By Day,Week,Month, Quarter, and Year
  • Sales Graphs and Presentations
  • Online Itinerary
  • Private Messenger
  • Custom Comes With Online Employee Time Clock 
  • Store-Fronts Inventory-Control Events Planner and SEO-SSL-create scripts to allow changes !


  1. Once again our php developement site is comming along pretty well !

  2. Learning php,mysql, and html-css can all be daunting at first but rewarding afterwards.Lets use all to show how easy it would be to allow members to create their own pages on your site------

    links and sqript tags here.