Sunday, November 13, 2011

Working With PHP

Php and HTML working together seamlessly and offer a great new order when approaching the zen in code matrix.
    Often we tend to use more sub created apps and new concessionary ideals get separated and stretched into Organised despair.
    If php ever needed anything to add to it as the world attest otherwise. Trouble is the Money issue is always involved and Corporate Pirates leech off the legitimate New-Programmers to the point that snippet and hacks are predominate now.

We have Pearl,Zend,Ruby,Cake, and hundreds if not thousands of spin-offs of an already great code. They all call Classes something new and develop with a suicide cocktail so a laymen wont ever catch on. Fact is that all code works off of binary basic and still adheres to it fundamentally. In most cases it's a bold attemt at catching a hold of what works and what functions and classes need to be in place to make a more easily wright-able code. And the top 4 above do this well. But taken away from the user is the ability to map or otherwise create a work all their own.

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